2- Why choose a Hobby Series GazeboFlash?

Because the Hobby Series folding tents are light and easy to assemble, disassemble and transport. The excellent price is related to the quality of the materials used, therefore, the Hobby Series is perfect for any type of events, especially high flow, in favorable weather conditions.

The folding tents of Hobby Series are the most chosen by customers who need many structures for single event.

The Hobby Series folding tents are made of painted steeel structure and load-bearing legs with a 30mm square section with 1mm thickness, and are equipped with resistant plastic joints and a locking system with a safety bayonet.

The kit that will arrive at you home will include a convenient carrying bag, stakes and tie rods for fixing to the ground.

The Hobby Series is available only in the 3×3 size and can be customized with the logos and colors that best represent you.