5- Why choose Super-Professional Series GazeboFlash?

Because they are the most requested by exhibitors at fairs and events, sports teams, hobbists and private party organizars!

Because they are the most robust and durable in the gazeboFlash aluminium series. They have a solid and compact structure and can be used in any occasion, frompublic events, sports, or for private use for open/close during the day, but are particulary suitable for prolonged use. Its sturdy constitution does not preclude extreme ease to assembly and disassembly. At the base of the folding tent, comfortable rollers can be applied to facilitate movement.

The Super-Professional folding tents are made of anodized aluminium structure, resistant to corrosion and wear, load-bearing legs with a 50mm and 2mm thick hexagonal section and oversized scissors for greater stability, aluminium joints and locking system with bayonet safety.

The kit that will arrive at you home include a convenient carrying bag, stakes and tie rods for fixing to the ground.

The Super-Professional Series is available in 3×3, 4,5×3, 6×3, 4×4, 6×4, 8×4, 4,4×4,4, Hexagonal and can be customized with the logo and the colors that best represent you.