We guarantee print quality because we always do the printing.

Gazebo Flash designs and manufactures real communication tools.
Thanks to the work of our graphics department, the customer’s ideas are heard and transformed into reality.

With the sublimation technique, Gazebo Flash is able to apply any image, obtaining personalised, bright and resistant products. We specialise in this technique, which we apply to fabrics for making gazebo sheets and much more. The transfer takes place through the migration of sublimation inks from a sheet of paper to the surface of the fabric, under the combined action of the required temperature and pressure. This process gives a definitive stability to the graphics that are fixed to the fabric, at a depth even greater than 90 microns; all this unlike other technologies that require the simple adhesion of a film to the fabric, which can come off or be damaged more easily.

Our highly qualified tailoring department transforms the fabric into the right fit for your gazebo. Thanks to their decades of expertise and profound knowledge of materials, our tailors create perfect canvases. Gazebo Flash offers a wide choice of fabrics for your gazebo (polyester, TNT, flag, ocean flag, carpet, stretch polyester, canvas)..

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