Gazebo Flash Desks have a practical and elegant design to complete the furnishing of your exhibition space.

The DESKS LINE has six models in different shapes and sizes, all fully customisable, with the highest quality printing, to best enhance your creative idea and the visual impact of your company.

The desks are light, easy to assemble and disassemble, and practical to transport!  A beautiful and quality product that cannot be missing in your set-up!

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Desk Line

  • promo desk
  • oval desk
  • easy-up desk
  • multi-box desk
  • column desk
  • light-box desk

Promo Desk

HEIGHT: 104cm

WIDTH: 106cm

DEPTH: 36cm

Oval Desk

HEIGHT: 92cm

WIDTH: 95cm

DEPTH: 42cm

Easy Up Desk

HEIGHT: 100cm

WIDTH: 80cm

DEPTH: 50cm

Multibox Desk

HEIGHT: 110cm

WIDTH: 100cm

DEPTH: 54cm

Column Desk

HEIGHT: 753cm

WIDTH: 65cm

DEPTH: 109cm

Light Box Desk

HEIGHT: 100cm

WIDTH: 100cm

DEPTH: 70cm

Ipad Tower Desk

HEIGHT: 115cm

WIDTH: 36cm

DEPTH: 45cm