The GazeboFlash polypropylene roll-up floor is specifically designed to protect or replace existing flooring or as a cover for grass earth or sand surfaces.

Resistant to atmospheric agents and heat, it has a reinforced structure that allows it to support large loads (cars, motorcycles, agricultural vehicle, etc.). The cell system of each tile makes it suitable for any type of terrain. It is extremely easy and quick to assemble thanks to the hooks on each side that allow a quick and simple installation without specialized staff. It is equipped with grooves for a water drainage. Being foldable or rollable, the roll-up Flash Floor is designed for traveling environment, such as events, fairs, car paddocks and motorcyclists or car showrooms.

The Flash Floor is available in differet colors: blue, light blue, green, red, black, gray, yellow, orange (light blue and gray also available in small quantities, for other colors the minimum quantity is 50mq or according to the availability of stock)

DIMENSION: tiles 33X10X1,5 cm