GazeboFlash advice for the correct use and storage of your folding tent

To make sure that your GazeboFlash structure lasts longer and doesn’t get damaged, i twill be sufficient to follow some precautions that we propose below.

Cleaning and maintenance of sheets:

to keep the fabric of your folding tent in perfect shape, just clean and dry the sheets before folding them. In case of excessive dirt, you can clean with non-agressive soaps and rinse with warm water. Finally, avoid closing the wet cloths as the humidity may cause the appearance of stains and discoloration of any print.

Storage area:

before closing your folding tent, make sure that the structure is cleaned of any traces of dirt that could hinder or decrease the sliding of the opening and closing mechanism. Then put your tent inside its bag, which will be supplied, and store it in a vertical position, possibly in a dry and clean place.


to ensure the absence of any damage to the structure, it is preferable to move the structure upright, especially if the roof is still mounted. If this is not possible, and the structure is laid out, try not to overlap weights.

Spare parts:

should any element of your folding tent wear out or break, GazeboFlash provides all the spare parts you need.