How does the wind effect my structure? What solutions you must take in bad weather?

Do you know the Beaufort wind ladder?

Knowing it can help you understand how to best fix your tent on the ground in all weather conditions.

The fixing of the structure to the ground through ballast or tie rods and pegs is mandatory.

When you buy a GazeboFlash folding tent, not only will the structure you have chosen arrive, but also a first anchor kit with 4 nylon fiber strings complete with 20cm chromed steel stakes, suitable for fixing on soft surfaces. This first solution will guarantee you a fixing to soft ground in calm, calm sea, light wind or light breeze.

However, depending on the environmental situation and its corresponding wind effect, there are different and indicated anchorage and fixing system.

GazeboFlash offers a wide range of tie rods, stakes and ballast in both cast iron and plastic and ensure the tightness of a structure up to a fourth degree of the wind scale with 45kg ballast.

Below we have created for you a table with the relative indications according to the strenght and the effect of the wind from Beaufort Scale.

Degree Km per hour Environmental situation Wind effects GazeboFlash recommends
0 0-1 Calm Calm sea, the smokes rises vertically Mandatory tie rods or ballast 15kg per leg
1 1-5 Slime of wind The wind direction is indicated by the smoke, but not by the wind vane Mandatory tie rods or ballast 15kg per leg
2 6-11 Light breeze The wind is heard in the face and the wind vane moves Mandatory tie rods or ballast 15kg per leg
3 12-19 Tense breeze The leaves and the small branches move Mandatory tie rods or ballast 15kg per leg
4 20-28 Moderate wind The paperi s lifted, the dust is moved, the finer branches are moved Mandatory tie rods or ballast 15kg per leg
5 29-38 Tense wind They begin to swing the small trees
6 39-49 Fresh wind The big branches move, it is difficult to use the umbrella
7 50-61 Strong wind Big trees move, it is very difficult to walk upwind
8 62-74 Storm The branches of the trees are broken, it is very difficult to walk outdoors
9 75-88 Strong storm Roof tiles fall
10 89-102 Tempest Trees eradication