How long does a GazeboFlash last?

Are you tired of unsteady or easily broken structure?

GazeboFlash is an unparalleled product, in which the constructive solutions and the materials used are at the highest level for quality and durability. Ordinary maintenance is reduced to a minimum, allowing you to keep the perfect functioning and beautiful tent with a few simple operations over time.

For a prolonged duration in time is sufficient to follow a few simple steps:

1- wash and dry the profiles at least once a year and perform a visual preventive check of the integrity of the structure at each installation.

2- keep the covering cloth and any walls clean, wash it with water and soap at least 2-3 times a year and take care, once dry and unused, to put it in the special protective bag, to avoid contact with dust.

3- fixing the folding tent to the ground during use is mandatory and, in case of wind, will stabilize your structure, reducing the risk of breakage.