How long does it take and how many people do it take to mount a GazeboFlash?

To assemble and disassemble a GazeboFlash folding tent is very simple and fast, only two people and 60 seconds are enough!

How do you mount a gazeboFlash folding tent?

  • Open the structure slightly and arrange the covering cloth starting from the 4 corners (each corner of the roof is recognizable by a double eyelet).
  • Position two people on the shorter sides of the folding tent and open the structure by pulling at the central scissors, moving back untili t is completely open.
  • Make sure the roof is correctly positioned and lift each corner joint firmly until the structure is locked.
  • Pull the locking ring of the foot and lower the inside of the support leg. Adjust each leg to the same height. If you use the walls, make sure you have reached the extent that the sheets do not touch the ground.
  • Finally, fix the structure on the ground through ballast or tie roods and pegs.

And how do I disassemble a GazeboFlash folding tent? Nothing could be simpler!

  • Lower the structure by pulling the locking rings of the feet to bring up the internal parts of the support legs.
  • Finally, unlock the bayonets of the corner joints to allow the closure of the structure.
  • Put everything in the bag.